Security Alerts

Arming points of entry



Police have advised that common methods burglars are currently using to gain entry to premises involve cutting through wire fences and wedging automated sliding doors.

Businesses sometimes put sensors inside premises but not on the actual points of entry. Police recommend that you have CCTV and perimeter sensors or point to point beams on boundary fences, and put sensors on all doors to your premises.

 Staff Car Parks



Police have advised that there has been an increase in the theft of vehicles from staff car parks and mostly older vehicles have been targeted.


Only yesterday a vehicle was stolen from a staff car park in Woolf Fisher Drive.  There were four offenders, two of whom wore orange hi-viz vests.  They arrived driving an early model dark coloured Subaru Forrester and a silver Honda Odyessey (the latter was found to be a stolen vehicle).  They drove away in the vehicle stolen from the car park and left the Honda idling in the car park,


Please advise your teams to ensure their vehicles are as secure as possible, perhaps even fitting a steering wheel lock to the vehicles that do not have built-in immobilisers.  

Thank you for your continued vigilance and please contact the Police if you notice suspicious persons or vehicles.



Theft on Cryers Road




The person in the picture below illegally entered premises on Cryers Road around 10 pm last night.  He broke into a truck on site which he was unable to steal but did cause damage and remove some items from the truck.

If you recognise this person or see them in the area and are concerned about their behaviour please contact the Police.



A great result - Thank you!



We sent two security alerts earlier this month about a male who visited several premises in East Tamaki and stole - or attempted to steal - items from unattended areas. 


As a result of these alerts our members advised of additional sightings and provided solid information which enabled identification. The person was subsequently apprehended and charged with multiple counts of burglary and remanded in custody.


The Police have asked us to pass on their gratitude for the information and vigilance from the GETBA community which led to the successful location of this prolific offender.


As always please continue to be alert and advise the Police promptly if you believe a crime is being committed.



Suspicious Vehicle



On Sunday around 2pm, a blue Toyota Hilux Surf with four males inside was seen driving slowly around Andromeda Crescent and looking up the driveways.  We are not certain of the second two letters of the registration plate but it started with “E” and ended with “599”.

If you see this vehicle and its activity arouses concern please contact the Police on one of the numbers below.



Theft on Echelon Place



The person in the photo below entered two premises in Echelon Place late last Friday between the hours of 4.30-6 pm.  After looking around a warehouse he proceeded upstairs to an unattended office and is believed to have taken cash and a swipe card.


Offenders will continue to look for unattended and unsecured premises – don’t make it easy for them!


If you see this person and are concerned about their behaviour, please contact the Police. See contact details below




Suspicious Vehicle and Occupants



Around 9.30 this morning and again about 1.10pm a white 2004 Holden Commodore, registration BZU598 with two male Polynesian occupants, drove slowly up and down the driveway of a multi-tenanted site in Cryers Road and appeared to be looking in the roller doors of the businesses.

If you see this vehicle and its occupants and are concerned about their behaviour please contact the Police. 



"Making East Tamaki Safer"




Suspicious Vehicle/People in Cryers Road



Just after 8 am this morning, the three people in the photo below entered a building in Cryers Road and tried several locked doors.  When one of the males went upstairs he was approached by a staff member and quickly left.   Their vehicle – a black Toyota Estima Registration HUW600 – was parked at a neighbouring business.  This vehicle has been noticed in and around the East Tamaki area on five occasions in the last two weeks.

If you see these people or this vehicle please contact the Police.

If the entry to your building is left unattended at any time, please ensure that valuables are secure and internal doors are locked.





"Making East Tamaki Safer"


Attempted Theft Kerwyn Avenue



At 3.30 this afteoon the person in the picture below attempted to steal large aluminium extractor fans from premises in Kerwyn Avenue.  He drove confidently to the rear of the building which indicated he had probably had a look around before and knew where to go.  When confronted, the person who appeared to be acting alone, could give no good reason for being on the premises and quickly left driving the vehicle in the picture, a white 1998 Nissan Bluebird, registration BYP645.

If you see this person acting suspiciously please contact the Police.





"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Vehicle/Persons



A business in Crooks Road has reported a low riding white Ford Ute, registration AAW505 with a driver and 2 passengers cruising very slowly and somewhat suspiciously through their carpark at 9:35 am this moing. The driver was described as wearing dark glasses and had a bushy beard.  

If you see this vehicle or person and have conces about their behaviour please contact the Police.





"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Caught on camera



Just after 5 pm last night, the person in the photos below, entered a business in Bishop Browne Place and stole cash from an unattended reception area.  After a brief conversation with a staff member he then left the premises in a stolen red Kia Rio, registration plate GHE294.

If you see this person or vehicle please contact the Police and quote File Number 180823/4711


"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Courier Approached



At approximately 1 pm today, a courier driver was loading his vehicle at a customer’s premises in Arwen Place when he was approached by two males who demanded they be given a parcel.

They are described as Maori or Polynesian, of large build, in their late 20’s and were in an early model grey BMW sedan, registration ALL177.

If you see this vehicle and it’s occupants, please contact the Police.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Cyclist



Late this moing, the male in the pictures below was riding one of the Onzo bike share cycles around a business carpark in Burswood Drive.  He had no good reason for being in the carpark and attempted to look inside the businesses situated there. 

If you see this person and have conces about their behaviour please contact the Police.











"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Theft of truck batteries, wheels, steel and alloy


The people in the picture below have been caught on camera stealing the above items in Franklin over the last few months.  They could well be operating in the East Tamaki area too so please be on the lookout as the truck is quite distinctive. If you sight the vehicle or people in the photo please contact the Police.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"