Regional Land Transport Plan 2018-2028

Regional Land Transport Plan 2018-2028

01 May 2018

On 1 May Auckland Council released their proposed Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2018-2028 and Draft Regional Fuel Tax document, outlining the vision for Auckland's transport infrastructure, how it will be funded including priority projects and budgets. In addition to the proposal to introduce a Regional Fuel Tax, of key importance to East Tamaki is the inclusion in both draft documents of the long awaited Smales/Allens Road widening and intersection upgrade - a major bottleneck in the precinct.

‘The Smales / Allens intersection upgrade delivers improvements to a key bottleneck in the East Tamaki area which will, in particular, have benefits for freight movements and other business-related traffic.  The intersection of Smales, Allens, Springs and Harris roads will be upgraded, and Smales and Allens roads will be widened near the intersection.  The project has a very high Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) as it delivers sizeable travel time benefits for a relatively small level of investment.’ From page 17 Draft Regional Fuel Tax Proposal Document. With this acknowledgement by Auckland Transport, GETBA is lobbying for this project to commence early within the ten-year period. 

The proposed Regional Fuel Tax would also enable Stages 2, 3 and 4 of the AMETI Eastern Busway to be accelerated. Auckland Transport anticipates that this project will encourage increased use of public and active transport which will free up road capacity for freight and business traffic. However, the project does recognise that some key congestion points along primary vehicle routes will still need to be unlocked via targeted road improvements or new connections. We will be lobbying for this to happen in key hot spot areas.

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Final decisions will be made available on the AT website in late June.