Greenmount Landfill to Park update

Greenmount Landfill to Park update

04 Feb 2019

February 2019

The process for handover from EnviroWaste to Auckland Council in preparation for public use has been further delayed.  Further earthworks and additional topsoil are required to ensure quality of the final surfaces, compliance with consents and preparation of the site for safe long-term operations and maintenance. 

December 2016

A ceremony was held at the site on 14 December 2016 to mark the delivery of one of the last loads of topsoil prior to the Howick Local Board progressing the development into a public park. Present were three descendants of Mrs Sarah Lushington (nee Styak) who gifted the land to be used as a park. GETBA has lobbied strongly with LGOIMA requests of Council and a letter to the Ombudsman to address the ongoing delays and ensure that the funding agreed to for the park by the legacy Manukau City Council was forthcoming, and so that the park could be enjoyed by the people who work in the area who have had to put up with the negative effects of the landfill for decades.

Initial works will include bulk earthworks, sediment control, stormwater and swales improvements, road access, car parking, some footpaths and gravel tracks to the summit, tree planting, furniture and signage. The first phase of this was expected to start in 2017, and progress as funding allows. The former quarry site was decommissioned as a landfill in 2005. Since 2006 the site has been undergoing managed fill operations to restore its original landform.

Detailed display board information from 13 April 2016 consultation meeting.