GETBA Initiatives

GETBA initiatives help keep crime rates at an all-time low. 

Business burglaries have reduced by 70%.since 2006, a testament to GETBA's strong partnership with the Police at all levels, valuable intelligence sharing between GETBA, Police and security companies, and the growth of a vigilant business community. 

Tap into these crime prevention initiatives

Security Checks (FREE!) - this initiative involves GETBA and local Police visiting East Tamaki businesses that have recently been victims of crime to undertake a review of security measures and give advice on reducing risk to staff and premises.This is free! The normal cost for such a service is estimated at a minimum of $600 + GST
If you would like to make an appointment for a security check, please contact GETBA Operations Manager Karen Hadley or on 09 273 6274. If appropriate, the security check is followed by visits to neighbouring businesses and setting up neighbourhood contact lists.

If you require the services of a security company click here to find security companies listed in GETBA's Business Directory.

Security Resources - useful security information and crime prevention resources. Available online and in print form. PH 273 6274 to request a set.

Cyber Security - links to information and resources can be found here.

Number plate screw replacement - We will come onsite and replace the number plate screws on staff vehicles with tamper-proof screws to deter number plate theft. Ph 273 6274 to arrange this FREE service.

ANPR Cameras - this scheme uses the latest number plate recognition camera technology to monitor stolen vehicles and is already proving to be a deterrent.

Security Alerts - an email alert system has proven to be effective in both averting crime and in pursuing the perpetrators of crime through timely communication of suspicious behaviour.

Security Managers' Network - GETBA facilitates monthly meetings of security companies, NZ Police, and security personnel from larger companies, to share intelligence and collaborate on crime prevention.

CCTV Collation - GETBA has identified East Tamaki sites with external CCTV cameras facing the road. This information is held by GETBA and used to assist Police track and apprehend criminal offenders operating in our business precinct.