Ongoing security of power supply is imperative; GETBA ensures disruption for businesses is kept to a minimum
  • Transpower owns the national grid, the cables that transmit electricity to the substations across New Zealand.
  • Vector is the lines company which transports this electricity to customers throughout their network in greater Auckland. You can check the Vector website for outages or register on the Vector Outages App (which allows you to see where planned & unplanned outages are occuring) to get notifications.

GETBA facilitates Vector cable replacement

June 2017

Twenty businesses in lower Lady Ruby Drive were suffering from ongoing power outages. GETBA became involved in advocating for these businesses and a replacement cable and installation of a new network link pillar has been completed. Most of the work was done out of business hours to minimise impact.


Electricity Authority proposes changes to transmission pricing methodology

July 2016.

The Electricity Authority is proposing to alter the way transmission charges are currently shared among customers so that charges better reflect the transmission services delivered and the costs involved. In a move away from a NZ Inc approach where prices have been averaged across the whole country they propose a new 'area of benefit' charge (or regional charging) and a 'residual charge' resulting in major increases in electricity pricing for Auckland. In addition to the significant pricing increases GETBA also has concerns over unintended consequences including security of supply.

More info. For GETBA's submission.


Higher Power Factor Charges

From 1 April 2014 high voltage customers with a power factor of <0.95 will face a substantially increased rate for the power factor charge. This is to incentivise customers with a low power factor to install correction equipment and improve their power factor. A low power factor can have a negative impact on both individual site efficiency and distribution network efficiency.

> For an informative article from local company Schneider Electric NZ Ltd.


Transmission Corridor Issue and the Unitary Plan

In 2012 the issue arose concerning prohibitive buffer corridors under Transpower transmission lines from the Pakuranga substation (located on Ti Rakau Drive behind Howick and Eastern Buses) to Otahuhu, which would restrict future development and impact negatively on land values of the properties located underneath.

GETBA joined with other industrial associations in the feedback process to the Draft Unitary Plan that buffer corridors be removed for non-sensitive use (such as those in industrial areas). The transmission corridor provisions were considered at an Auckland Council planning committee on 5 July 2013, and the interim direction is that the outer corridor (20m each side) will be removed leaving a 24m wide corridor (12m each side of the centre). We have since made a submission to the proposed Unitary Plan that electricity transmission corridors and their related restrictions should be removed in heavy industrial areas. See the Unitary Plan section for latest developments here.


Underground Cabling along Ti Rakau Drive

As part of its NAaN project to reinforce power supply into the upper north island, during 2013 Transpower implemented underground cabling along Ti Rakau Drive. This meant a lengthy period of significant roadworks impacting on commuters and local businesses.

While ongoing security of power supply is imperative, GETBA liaised between Transpower and local businesses to keep disruption for businesses to a minimum. We intervened on behalf of some Burswood businesses affected, including getting Transpower to advertise that 'Burswood is still open for business'.