• Artmore Graphics Limited
    Unit D, 32 Andromeda Crescent, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 4032
    Contact: Yao Xiang , MD (Send Message)

    Artmore Graphics can take care of all your design, signage and printing needs.

  • BG Sails & Flags
    Unit D, 212 Burswood Drive, Burswood
    Phone: 09 271 0103
    Contact: Brent Gillies , Owner (Send Message)

    We are PVC fabricators, industrial sewing specialists, manufacturer of shade sails, roller blinds (exterior and interior) and flags.

  • CMYK
    Unit B, 6 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 9339
    Contact: Gina Fu (Send Message)

  • Cranium Signage
    Unit 3, 103 Cryers Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 0018
    Contact: Phillip Garratt , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Cranium is New Zealand's premier signage company.  Take a look at us and you'll see why.  Arrogant? Maybe, a little, but in a good way.  When the biggest advertisers in the world come to us for solutions, we can afford to be, just a little.  We've... become the best at what we do simply because we love doing it.

    There's an almost unreasonable passion in our work, passion in the relationships we forge with customers and in the outstanding effectiveness of our finished product.
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  • Design Tints
    Unit O, 150 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 263 0505
    Contact: Mohammed Thompson , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Innovators of designer films, signs and tints

  • Digital Signs Ltd
    Unit C, 1 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 0274 715734
    Contact: Dave Jaques , Director (Send Message)

    DIGITAL SIGNS will provide you with all you need to do just this with vibrant HD indoor/outdoor LED SIGNAGE, fixed or portable.

    We offer fully serviced long-term leases or rent-to-buy options in a customisable range of sizes, portable or... fixed. Contact Us to see how we can help. Read More

  • Harrier Signs
    Unit 3, 375 East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 0212454344
    Contact: Jeremy MacMahon , Director (Send Message)

    Full service signage provider with a focus on quality.  

  • Hunter Signs Ltd
    Unit G, 9 Lady Ruby Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 551 7599
    Contact: Ben Hunter , Director (Send Message)

    Hunter Signs is a design, manufacture and installation signage company, able to complete all signage requirements - big or small.

  • I Print on Demand Ltd
    Unit D, 51 Allens Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 7778
    Contact: Peter Mills , Director (Send Message)

    We offer a full print solution under one roof. From premium quality digital offset to wide format multi media flatbed print and budget copying. From signage and display work, vehicle wrapping, foiling, lamination, t-shirts to business cards, DLEs and point of sale... advertising, we both print and finish in house to ensure the highest standards. Our comprehensive approach also lowers costs by limiting unnecessary overheads.  Read More

  • I Sign It
    Unit 7, 212 Burswood Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 274 4524
    Contact: Warren Linn , Manager (Send Message)

  • Icon Signs Ltd
    85 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 6100
    Contact: Michael Jackson Potter (Send Message)

    Complete Sign Service

  • PSP Ltd
    Unit A, 60 Cryers Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 1800
    Contact: Dean Hodgson , (Send Message)

    Importers and distributors of plastic sheeting to fabrication, signage and building sectors

  • Sign Smart Ltd
    Unit 6, 135 Cryers Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2747701
    Contact: Darren Walters , Director (Send Message)

    Our signage company has over 30 years experience and provides a range of services from design, production and installation.  Our experience and technical expertise enables us to handle any type, size or complexity of sign application.  We can provide custom-made... solutions but also take advantage of the vast range of standard sign systems available.  Let us provide an innovative and practical answer to your specific needs.
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  • Signrite
    Unit C, 11 Andromeda Crescent, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09-273 7952
    Contact: Ming Chen , Manager (Send Message)

    We provide custom sign design, production, installation and service to local businesses.

  • Signtime
    Unit H, 24 Ra Ora Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 271 6003
    Contact: Chris Brown , Owner (Send Message)

    General signwriter - please call me for a quote for your signwriting requirements

  • Speedy Signs
    Unit E, 40 Springs Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 5050
    Contact: Matt McGregor , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Signwriter, custom signs including vehicle signage our specialty. Wide format digital printing.

  • The Sign Formula
    Unit A, 7 Smales Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 8158
    Contact: Darryl Skilling , Director (Send Message)

    We are the Creative Branding and Wrap Experts! Established in East Tamaki on Smales Road since 1994 - we ooze experience and creativity! We have helped many East Tamaki businesses with their branding and signage identity over the years and we can help you with your project - big... or small. From shop keepers to global corporates, business cards to 3D signage - we help anyone and everyone - so contact us now to see how we can help you. Read More

  • Total Supply Limited
    Unit F, 38 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 966 9362
    Contact: Dean Stuart (Send Message)

    We are New Zealand's foremost sign industry supplier committed to delivering quality, cost effective products and service. We endeavour to supply everything a sign company needs to be at the cutting edge of sign technology.

    What gets us excited is finding new... ways of exceeding your expectations.
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  • TP Print 2015 Ltd (Associate Member)
    Unit J, 119 Captain Springs Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 8192
    Contact: Tony Trotter , Director (Send Message)

    Commercial Printers, Brochures, Business Cards, Fliers etc

  • Vast Print
    Unit F, 333 East Tamaki Road, Otara
    Phone: 09 2733176
    Contact: Aaron Yap , Director (Send Message)

    We have 14 years experience, love our job, know what we are doing, and we will give you a fair price and meet promised deadlines.
    We use odourless latex inks which give us a competitive edge for graphics that will be used in such places as food stores,... restaurants, fitness and medical centres and all other places where print odours may be a concern.  Latex inks also enable us to produce high quality flexible indoor and outdoor displays, suitable for wide and super-wide applications like event banners and transit signage.
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