Manufacturers - food and beverage
  • AKSKY Bakehouse Cafe
    Unit 6 A, 30 Springs Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 7713
    Contact: Sokheng Iv , Owner (Send Message)

    Call in and sample delicious food from our bakery

  • All Seasons Air & Elite Refrigeration
    Unit C, 146 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 271 4927
    Contact: Chris De Villiers , Director (Send Message)

    We specialise in the service, repair and installation of air conditioning and ventilation units, cold storage rooms, water chillers, process coolers, ice machines, etc. Our company has been in business for over 10 years in Auckland. 

  • Bevpac
    76 Lady Ruby Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 914 7180
    Contact: Graham Lundie (Send Message)

    A beverage manufacturer and contract bottler providing products for New Zealand and overseas based businesses. PET and cans.

  • Blue Frog Breakfast
    Unit 10, 22 Polaris Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 0800 376449
    Contact: Scotty Baragwanath , Managing Director (Send Message)

    We are a premium breakfast business with big ambitions.  Our mission?  To liven up your breakfast experience with wholesome, innovative and nourishing choices. Why eat boring when breakfast can be Cerealsy Good®?!
    You already know it’s the most... important meal of the day.  We believe you deserve better.  Thank goodness for Blue Frog®!  Finally, a breakfast that’s Worth Waking Up For. Read More

  • Cake Passion
    Unit 7, 302 Te Irirangi Drive, Flat Bush
    Phone: 09 271 4581
    Contact: Sam Chuon (Send Message)

    Cake manufacturer and retailer

  • Chasers Food Co. Ltd
    Unit 1 C, 30 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 7019
    Contact: Balbeer Golian (Send Message)

    Snackfood, bhuja, peanuts & cashews

  • Classic Bakehouse
    Unit B, 312 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood
    Phone: 09 271 0066
    Contact: Kenny Hea , Manager (Send Message)

    Asian Bakery

  • Clevedon Fields
    Unit 1, 345 East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 271 6023
    Contact: Graham McGregor , Owner (Send Message)

  • Coolit Ice
    115 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 5339
    Contact: Warren Goudie , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Manufacturers and Distributers of ice

  • Cospak
    27 Ross Reid Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 253 9809
    Contact: John Matthews , NZ Sales Manager (Send Message)

    Manufacturer, importer and distributor of rigid and flexible packaging products for wine, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Product range includes bottles, jars, tins, drums, pails, pouches, tubes, closures, cartons and cardboard dividers.

  • Countrylane Bakehouse
    Unit 6, 35 Allens Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 265 2199
    Contact: Stephen Holdaway , Owner (Send Message)

    Come in to our bakery and try our delicious fresh food

  • Danny's Real Pita Bread
    Units A + B, 14 Arwen Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 1839
    Contact: Yaron Eliahu , Chief Executive Officer (Send Message)

    Authenticity has always been the primary focus for Danny's Real Pita Bread Company. Based on a centuries-old recipe, the wide variety of bread produced by the company is free of preservatives, additives and chemicals. Danny's Real Pita Bread Company takes considerable... pride in traditional breads. Read More

  • Diron Industries Ltd
    7 Nandina Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 8312
    Contact: Paul Claasen , Managing Director (Send Message)

    We manufacturer marinades, coatings and sauces for meat, chicken and seafood in bulk and retail packs. Our retail brand is Global Cuisine.

  • ECEFast NZ Ltd
    Unit 9A, 9-11 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2620206
    Contact: Daniel Kumar , General Manager (Send Message)

    We are a direct wholesale outlet for industrial instrumentation. Our aim is to deliver well known brands, quality products at competitive prices. We provide the best prices on all product lines at all times while offering customer support through technical advice and online... access to documentation.

    We also have the support of a fully manned and equipped service center where repairs, configuration, calibration and maintenance can be carried out. Our warehouse carries hundreds of lines ex stock and has same-day dispatch for 90% of orders received.
    Read More

  • Emerald Foods
    1 Accent Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 6168
    Contact: Shane Lamont (Send Message)

    Manufacturer, marketer and franchisor globally of icecream.

  • EPNZ Technologies Limited
    Unit 8, 2 Progressive Way, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2723058

    EPNZ is a reputable and established company in the product coding business. For the past nine years we have provided cost-effective thermal coding solutions to our customers.

  • Exotica Enterprise Ltd
    Unit 3A, 1 Bishop Dunn Place, Flat Bush
    Phone: 09 2735039
    Contact: Darius Karani (Send Message)

    We are proud to manufacture and export premium liqueurs, wines, chocolates, health products, culinary items and cosmetics from New Zealand, one of the cleanest, greenest, and most beautiful countries in the world.

  • Five Star Pork
    3 Andromeda Crescent, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 253 9001
    Contact: Mark Benjamin , MD (Send Message)

    Five Star Pork is an efficient, effective and reliable supplier of fresh NZ pork to the food trade across the upper North Island.

  • Foodwise Ltd
    Unit 1, 30 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 4043
    Contact: Manminder Parmar , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Ready meal manufacturer,  manufacturing house, contract and own brand into supermarkets

  • Fresher Foods Ltd
    68 Cryers Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 9801
    Contact: Mary or Vivian (Send Message)

    Food manufacturer

  • Goldstar Meats
    Unit G, 7 Smales Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 2127
    Contact: Mohamed Mihlar , Owner (Send Message)

  • Gonghin Fresh Noodle
    Unit B, 15 Torrens Road, Burswood
    Phone: 09 272 8388
    Contact: Qinghua Kong , Manager (Send Message)

    Supplies a variety of noodles

  • Graincorp Foods NZ Ltd
    98 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 5099

  • Integrated Foods Marketing Ltd
    347 East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 829 2666
    Contact: Blair Cooper , General Manager (Send Message)

    Locally grown meat supplier to quality retailers.  Vacuum packed and hand crafted to the finest export standards

  • Jadcup
    Unit A, 9 Carpenter Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2823988

    Jadcup provides a variety of disposable cups, bowls, and other food paper container products. Our company mission is to deliver the finest quality products, an excellent and reliable service and most importantly, to exceed customers’ expectations.

    Buy... our eco-friendly, branded products and start promoting your business today! Read More

  • JDE New Zealand
    43 Crooks Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2747018
    Contact: Mark Hamilton , Director (Send Message)

    Makers of tea and coffee. We’re for brilliant simple ideas that create better beverage experiences for all.

  • Kailey Products Co Ltd
    Unit E, 62 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 7115
    Contact: Keith Lee , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Deer & fish packing house

  • Kiwi King Spit Roast & BBQ
    Unit B, 1 Lorien Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 1985
    Contact: Scott Topham (Send Message)

    Spit Roast Out Catering

  • Koreana Trading Company Ltd
    Block 2 Unit 5, 22 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 0090
    Contact: Sunghao Lee , Manager (Send Message)

    Makes fresh food including: rice cakes, fish cakes, sushi, soybean sprouts, tofu.

  • Korupak
    Unit C, 6 Polaris Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2748653
    Contact: Alan Smith , Director (Send Message)

    Korupak are a specialist supplier of food & beverage packaging. We offer an extensive range of products including biodegradable and custom printed products. 


  • L'Authentique
    Unit C, 24 Andromeda Crescent, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2714190
    Contact: Philippe Arregui , Partner (Send Message)

    Since 2006, L’Authentique has delivered New Zealanders  the fresh taste of the French charcuterie tradition and picked up many local gourmet food awards along the way.  We specialise in artisan sausages, parfaits and terrines, all made with locally... sourced, free-range meat. Read More

  • La Bonne Cuisine Ltd
    42 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 9303
    Contact: Mark Starkey , Site Manager (Send Message)

    Food manufacturers.

  • Leonards Superior Smallgoods Ltd
    Unit 5 A, 22 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 2726
    Contact: Doug Leonard , Director (Send Message)

    Simply superior meats

  • Lion
    55 Ormiston Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 357 0111
    Contact: George Bearzot , Supply Chain Director - NZ (Send Message)

    Lion is a leading alcoholic beverages business with operations in Australia and New Zealand and market-leading brands in beer, fine wine and spirits.

  • Luvapie
    16 Lady Ruby Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 7950
    Contact: Bosan Paki , Directors (Send Message)

    Love A Pie?  you sure will love these...come in and have a taste today

  • Mackies NZ
    Unit H, 150 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2745278
    Contact: Chris Mason , Manager (Send Message)

    Commercial Bakery machinery

  • Mega Food Services Ltd
    15 Crooks Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 8889
    Contact: Alan Lun , Director (Send Message)

     A market-leading wholesaler of integrated chilled and frozen foods.

  • Mr Chips
    100 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 7598
    Contact: Jon Davison (Send Message)

    East Tamaki, 43 Stonedon Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 573 1566
    Contact: Jay Spittal , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Proudly 100% NZ owned and operated, we are an innovative and progressive company supplying top quality raw, refined and liquid sugars to the food & beverage manufacturing industry in Australasia and the Pacific. Our partner sugar refineries are fully HACCP and ISO9001... certified.  Read More

  • Newly Weds Foods (NZ) Ltd
    Unit 1, 63 Lady Ruby Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2139880
    Contact: Andrew Powell , NZ Country Manager (Send Message)

    Newly Weds Foods (NZ) LTD is a global food ingredients Company that provides bespoke solutions to the food industry with  coating systems, meat seasonings, glazes and sauces. We have been established in NZ since 1987 as an importer of these ingredients from Australia and... have been manufacturing in NZ since July 2014.
    Read More

  • Nuxten Health Ltd
    Unit A, 52 Stonedon Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2712992
    Contact: Ekin Zhang , CEO

    We are 100% NZ owned and operated and engaged in the supply of food and skincare products. We deliver high quality products and maintain control over the complete supply chain.  Products include honey based items, milk powder, dry fish maw, dry sea cucumber, and bee venom... skincare.
    Read More

  • NZ Healthland Ltd
    Unit D, 5 Lorien Place, Est Tamaki
    Phone: 09 8808878
    Contact: Tim Xi (Send Message)

    We are your local grocery wholesalers and have multiple product ranges.

  • Open Country
    52 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 589 1372
    Contact: Ivonne Kuhlmann , Brands & Marketing Manager (Send Message)

    Operating in New Zealand as a dairy ingredient manufacturer, producing a range of high quality milk products.

  • Pasta Madero
    Unit A, 53 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2650802

    We are pasta mad!

  • Polaris Foods Ltd
    Unit 4, 32 Neilpark Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 6608
    Contact: Briton Smith , Managing Director

    Manufacturer of Frozen Foods

  • Production Techniques Ltd
    18 Echelon Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 3514
    Contact: Mike Nevines , Gen Manager (Send Message)

    Manufacturers of chocolate processing equipment

  • Profile International Ltd
    23 Ra Ora Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 2601
    Contact: Jeanette Kant , Manager (Send Message)

    Drinking straw manufacturers and suppliers of disposable products relating to the restaurant, cafe, food manufacturing and fast food industries

  • Quality Bakers
    23 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 1800
    Contact: Richard Brown , Site Manager (Send Message)

    Goodman Fielder covers every meal occasion, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We produce and market bread, milk, margarine, flour, dressings, condiments, dips, mayonnaise, frozen pastry, cake mix, pies, savouries, smallgoods, chilled and frozen pizza, desserts,... sauces, vinegar and cooking oils. Read More

  • Sam's Fukuyama
    Unit D, 8 Torrens Road, Burswood
    Phone: 09 2651112

    Butchery, butcher shop - retail.

  • Spit Roast Catering Co. & Finger Food Catering Co.
    6 Cryers Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 271 3228
    Contact: Graham Peet , Director (Send Message)

    Spit Roast Catering is NZ's longest standing Spit Roast Company. With over 20 years experience in the industry..... why would you go anywhere else?

  • Startec
    Unit A (Rear Unit), 30 Allens Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 5167
    Contact: Paul Smith , Managing Director (Send Message)

    NZ owned and operated we specialise in starwheel technology, our aim is to provide engineering solutions for the food and beverage industry working primarily in plastics and stainless steel.

  • Summit Coffee Roasters Ltd
    Unit 7, 7 Torrens Road, Burswood
    Phone: 021 613 877
    Contact: Brendon Avery , Managing Director (Send Message)

    An award-winning boutique coffee roasting company serving the needs of discerning coffee drinkers throughout NZ. We source the best quality green beans & batch roast them to order & perfection to provide the best coffee experience possible in the cafe or office. Special... rates for GETBA members! Read More

  • Supreme Meats and NZ Deli
    46 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 4160
    Contact: Charl Malan , Accountant (Send Message)

    We manufacture deli meats.

  • Swiss Deli
    68 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 4455
    Contact: Val Kudrow , Director (Send Message)

    Manufacturer / retailer of quality European style small goods

  • Technical Engineering Group Ltd
    Unit 5, 12 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 262 5582
    Contact: Ross Norgrove , Senior Project Manager (Send Message)

    Provider of project management and project engineering services to the food and beverage manufacturing, health and safety consulting.

  • The Bakehouse Lunchbar
    Unit E, 2 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 6460
    Contact: Malen , Owner (Send Message)

    Try the food at our bakery, it's delicious!

  • The Chocolate Cake Company
    Unit 3, 257 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood
    Phone: 09 274 4924
    Contact: Murray Thwaites , MD (Send Message)

    Come and try our delicious chocolate cakes,  Wedding, Birthday, any special occasion

  • TSL Plastics
    91 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 6498
    Contact: Dennis Smith , Managing Director (Send Message)

     TSL Plastics Ltd is the largest privately New Zealand owned P.E.T bottle manufacturer in New Zealand.