Health services and products
  • Health Link Chiropractic
    Unit 1B, 22 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 265 1159
    Contact: Oscar Bacino, Owner

    At Health Link Chiropractic, we focus on your spine and nervous system.  The care we provide is to restore the integrity of your spine by reducing pressure on the nervous system, which utlimately would improve the overall health of any individual.  We do not treat any conditions; rather, we look for the cause of the problem and treat the cause.

    Health Link Chiropractic is an ACC registered provider....Read more
  • 7E Club
    Unit E, 7 Smales Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 4328
    Contact: Cindy Feng , Owner (Send Message)

  • Ace Dental Centre
    Unit A5, 30 Springs Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 3903
    Contact: Dr Bhalajhi , Owner (Send Message)

    Your friendly gentle Auckland dentist for high quality and affordable dental care.

  • Achel Hot Yoga
    Unit 1, 272 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 4772
    Contact: Ellen Adoko , Director (Send Message)

  • Active Plus Highbrook
    Unit 1, 35 Allens Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 7414
    Contact: Erin Holland , Director (Send Message)

    Physiotherapy Clinic, Pilates and rehabilitation / Fitness Gym

  • Andrew's Health
    Unit 3, 295 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood
    Phone: 09 2651986

    Andrew's Health sell a variety of health care products including body care and cosmetic items, healthcare food and beeswax products.

  • Auckland Radiology Group
    316 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 8984
    Contact: Sue Lafleur , Practise Manager (Send Message)

    Radiology Services; 7 days, extended hours, no appointment necessary. X-rays only.

  • Biolife NZ Ltd
    Bldg 4 Grd Unit 14, 15 Accent Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 3966
    Contact: Gevonne Lu , Owner (Send Message)

  • Bishop Centre Pharmacy
    Unit Q, 8 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2736497
    Contact: Adhila Kara , Director (Send Message)

    A retail community pharmacy for all your prescription and health requirements. We can ensure professional and expert advice by our experienced staff.

  • Bishop Dental
    Unit S, 8 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2774546

    We are a brand new dental practice established with focus to provide quality, professional and affordable dental and oral health services to individuals, families and communities in East Tamaki, Botany, Ormiston and Flat Bush.

  • Bishop Medical Centre
    Unit R, 8 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2824167

    Bishop Medical Centre is committed to work with the local communities and the enrolled populations to provide services directed towards improving and maintaining their good health.

  • Botany South Chiropractic
    Unit 4, 15 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 3440
    Contact: Marcus Conway , Director (Send Message)


  • Botany South Dental
    Unit 2A, 302 Te Irirangi Drive., East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 271 0008
    Contact: Henry Chiang , Managing Director (Send Message)

  • Counties Manukau District Health - Whirinaki
    7 Springs Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 265 4040
    Contact: Leonie Picard , Service Manager (Send Message)

  • East Tamaki Healthcare
    Units 10 & 11, 42 Ormiston Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 274 7823
    Contact: Ranjna Patel , Director (Send Message)

    Medical practice

  • Emerge Aotearoa Limited
    320 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood
    Contact: Barbara Disley , CEO

    We are a charitable trust, involved in helping people affected by mental illness, physical disabilities, mental impairment, or any mental health condition needing recovery and rehabilitation. We work with people on an equal basis, without discrimination or judgement. We take an... innovative, evidence-based approach to helping our clients. This, combined with the care abd support from our experienced, qualified and well-trained team, enables clients to achieve positive, long-term changes in their lives. Read More

  • Enhance Physio
    Unit 3C, 2 Bishop Browne Place, Flat Bush
    Phone: 09 557 4619
    Contact: Jai Hira , Physio/Owner (Send Message)

    Enhance Physio, are committed to excellence in physiotherapy providing “Enhanced” patient centred care for a range of ailments.
    We believe a positive bond between patient and physiotherapist is important, and that education is key to successful... rehabilitation.
    We pride ourselves in having a stress free, professional environment for optimum patient comfort and care.
    Read More

  • Habit Group
    50 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 0800 557 556

    Habit was formed in 2003 by Steve Pugh and Ben Teusse who had a vision to create world class integrated Health and Fitness facilities in New Zealand.Steve had an accomplished background in health club management and personal training in the UK, while Ben was one of... Wellington's top physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts. So it was a perfect marriage of skills and experience.Dedicated to providing premium facilities and services to customers and patients, the Habit brand continues to operate at the top of the health, fitness and rehabilitation industries. Read More

  • HomeMed
    Unit 6, 12 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2729992

    Our aim at HomeMed is to bring new and advanced homecare devices and techniques to the New Zealand market. We continuously introduce products that help maintain good health and wellbeing for New Zealand users.

  • Hy Health Limited
    Unit 1, 295 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood
    Phone: 09 2729166
    Contact: Wei Li , Manager

    We provide genuine health care products, at genuine prices.

  • Infinity Float Centre
    Unit 7, 2 Bishop Browne Place, Flat Bush
    Phone: 09 2742990

    Infinity Float is the largest float centre in New Zealand proving a premium flotation experience. Achieve relief from pain, alleviate stress, experience complete mindfulness and stillness. Discover a once in a lifetime experience that some describe as a complete rebirth and... purification of body and mind. Read More

  • Long Team Healthstar
    Unit F, 16 Torrens Road, Burswood
    Phone: 09 2735035
    Contact: Nancy Xu , Director (Send Message)

    We are a retailer of health supplements.

  • Ludus Magnus Highbrook Ltd
    Unit D, 2 Lorien Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2740002
    Contact: Fred Faafou , Director (Head Trainer) (Send Message)

    We offer hour long group fitness sessions with a focus on strength and conditioning, utilising bodyweight exercises and unconventional exercise equipment to provide fun, dynamic, and challenging sessions that will leave you gasping for breath, sweating buckets, but loving every... minute of it. We cater to all shapes, sizes, ages, and gender. Read More

  • Natural Zealand
    Unit 5B, Level 1, 41 Smales Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 282 4589
    Contact: Rex Morgan , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Natural Zealand is a proudly New Zealand operated business. We are a young start-up by four earnest Kiwi’s. We were always fascinated with health and fitness and the benefits of herbal oils, so much that we are serious enough to get them for people who are equally serious... about it. As a business, Natural Zealand delivers everything from genuine protein supplements to vitamins at honest prices Read More

  • New Generation Lifestyle
    Unit E, 150 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Contact: Damian Polwey (Send Message)

    New Generation Lifestyle foster champion performance by promoting nutrition and lifestyle principles of Herbalife, which has produced real results for people looking to lose or gain weight, or maintain a healthy optimum weight. 

  • Nutratech Ltd
    Unit D, 144 Cryers Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 9744544
    Contact: Hendrik Wentzel , Director (Send Message)

    Nutratech was founded in early 2008 with the single goal of manufacturing cutting edge supplements for the informed athlete. Outstanding quality and clinically driven formulas are the cornerstones of Nutratech’s premium product offerings. 

    Nutratech is... Proudly New Zealand Owned & Operated Read More

  • Pet Doctors Botany
    Unit 9, 2 Bishop Dunn Place, Flat Bush
    Phone: 09 265 0035
    Contact: Janet Merchant , Manager (Send Message)

    Bring your pets in to us, we can help with whatever you need.

  • Premier Fitness
    Unit J, 8 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2735499

    We have worked with international atheletes, and offer in house competitions and recreational entertainment. We also do our best to keep our gym membership prices competitive and often have specials to keep your workouts affordable.

  • QRS
    Unit 1, 50 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 9428
    Contact: Jane Kistiah-Chetty , Manager (Send Message)

  • Royal Deer
    Unit 8, 14 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 303 1619
    Contact: Jessica Kang (Send Message)


  • Safety Step (NZ) Ltd
    Unit B, 19 Neilpark Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 271 4355
    Contact: Dean Cockerton (Send Message)

     The leading expert in the provision of integrated pedestrian safety systems that combine the very latest innovations in anti-slip technology and glow in the dark capability.

  • Sanctuary Trust Law & Sanctuary Dental
    Unit 20, 2 Bishop Dunn Place, Flat Bush
    Phone: 09 273 2173
    Contact: Johannes & Yvonne Vannort (Send Message)

    Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentristry & Trust Law

  • Simx Limited
    15 Echelon Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 259 1660
    Contact: Joe Pengelley , Managing Director (Send Message)

    Our aim is to develop market-leading brands which contribute to a healthier home environment. Bathroom ventilation, home ventilation, heat transfer, ducting and accessories, exterior lighting, door chimes and central vacuum are all key categories contributing to our overall... market position. Read More

  • Smart Eyecare
    Unit 5, 28 Torrens Road, Burswood
    Phone: 09 273 2160
    Contact: Alan Yim (Send Message)

    Therapeutic Optometrist

  • The Dentist
    Unit A, 20 Arwen Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 274 0650
    Contact: Karim Shabbot , Dentist/Owner (Send Message)

    As a caring profession, we aim to provide the highest quality of dental care.  We treat everybody like family. You will be greeted by a friendly receptionist, a warm and caring staff and dentists providing you the best and most up to date dental care.... />   Read More

  • The Doctors
    316 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 273 8980
    Contact: Paula Bills , Practise Manager (Send Message)

    A&M Medical & GP Centre, we are open seven days a week for accident and injury, and Monday to Friday for general practice consultations.

  • The Sensory Corner
    Unit 15A, 169 Harris Road, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 2710951
    Contact: Rachel Cheung , Director (Send Message)


    I am a New Zealand trained and qualified educational psychologist and provide therapeutic tools to enable children with special needs to have improved learning opportunities.

  • Ti Rakau Dental Centre Limited
    316 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood
    Phone: 09 273 8911
    Contact: Kevin Lee (Send Message)

    State of the art dental clinic and you can be assured that all your dentistry needs will be taken care of in a friendly and professional manner.

  • Ti Rakau Physio
    316 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood
    Phone: 09 273 8977
    Contact: Tracey Carville , Practice Manager (Send Message)

    Excellent high quality physiotherapy for all sports, neck & back and overuse injuries. We offer spinal manipulation acupuncture and exercise rehabilitation.

  • Visique Botany
    Unit 11, 2 Bishop Dunn Place, Botany
    Phone: 09 274 9839
    Contact: David Lee (Send Message)

    Optometrists - we take eyes seriously

  • Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd
    4 Kordel Place, East Tamaki
    Phone: 09 272 3838
    Contact: Roger Scott , General Manager Operations (Send Message)

    Manufacturers & distributors of sports nutrition products & vitamin supplements