GETBA is focused on the efficient movement of freight and people

East Tamaki is a major employment hub for 30,000 staff. The efficient movement of both freight and people is key to the ability of businesses to improve productivity and to attract and retain staff.

Our transport strategy takes a two-pronged approach to addressing congestion:

  • Advocating for roading infrastructure improvements (e.g. East-West Link and local roads), and
  • Supporting local businesses with travel planning (Commute).


Reeves Road flyover reinstated!

Sept 2016. The Reeves Road Flyover, a key component of the of the AMETI transport project was dumped by Auckland Transport, so it was satisfying to have it reinstated and identified as a priority in the ATAP report recently released by Transport Minister Simon Bridges. The report is the conclusion of a joint project between the Government and Auckland Council to agree an approach for developing the city’s transport system over the next 30 years. ATAP Report

East-West Connections

July 2016 Consultation closed mid July on the design for the East West Link on the north side of the Mangere Inlet between SH20 at Onehunga and SH1 at Mt Wellington, to improve connections into and out of the Onehunga-Penrose area. It includes key interchanges at Neilson Street and Princes Street and improvements on SH1 through to Princes Street in Otahuhu. The project is the main part of the broader East West Connections programme encompassing East Tamaki and the Airport, with 130,000 people employed in the wider area generating $10 billion a year in GDP. Latest info.

January 2016 The Prime Minister announced on 27 January that the East West Connection between SH1 and SH20 (Onehunga to Penrose) would be funded nationally by the Land Transport Fund and will go through a streamlined consenting process to bring forward its construction to 2018.

June 2015 The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport have identified the preferred approach for the East West Connections project to improve freight connections into and out of the Onehunga-Penrose industrial hub, as well as the reliability of bus services between Māngere, Ōtāhuhu and Sylvia Park.

While fixing this area will assist East Tamaki freight companies who drive in and out of that heavily congested area daily, there is no mention of timing, and there is still more consultation being undertaken. GETBA believes the work needs to be fast-tracked so that the next stage of connecting to the East can be planned and undertaken. While this route protects potential options to connect to the East Tamaki industrial area and eastern suburbs, we still want a full East-West solution, not just a partial fix. GETBA will continue to lobby for the upgrade of Highbrook Drive and motorway interchange, and the link with the extension of Gossamer Drive. We don’t want to still be saying “where is the East in the East West Link” in ten years’ time.

Public Transport Eastern Network July 2016

In late 2015 GETBA consulted with local companies and their employees and submitted on the proposed Eastern Network changes. In results out July 2016 it is good to see some better connectivity to Highbrook and East Tamaki business precincts, addressing the needs of workers. Unfortunately the changes won't take effect until late 2017. More info.

Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015/25 (RLTP) March 2015

This is the sister document to the Draft Long Term Plan. The Draft RLTP requires feedback on options for a Basic Transport Network or an Advanced Network (The Auckland Plan Network). Under the Basic option The City Rail Network will be funded at the expense of a number of other possible transport projects and is based on a 3.5% rates increase. The Auckland Plan Network option funds the City Rail Link and a larger number of other transport projects, based on a motorway user charge of $2 per trip or 1% rates increase and 1.2 cents per litre fuel tax. There is no option presented not to fund the City Rail Link.

Submissions closed on 16 March. Click here for GETBA's submission.


East-West Connections October 2014

With a mandate from the Prime Minister in June 2013, Auckland Transport and NZTA have been considering options to enable easier freight movements between Onehunga, Penrose and East Tamaki - areas which have some of the highest freight volumes in NZ. After much consultation, in early October 2014 NZTA released 6 options to improve connections into and out of Onehunga-Penrose. This reduction in the project scope is of concern! GETBA advocated for a long term strategic solution incorporating the East. While the proposals will help to address the costly slow traffic movements in the Onehunga-Penrose area, connectivity to East Tamaki is not planned for in what has been released. We have concerns that this piecemeal approach will only make for poor integration and potential delays down the track. GETBA will continue to lobby for the upgrade of Highbrook Drive and motorway interchange, and the link with the extension of Gossamer Drive. Otherwise, where is the East in the East-West Link?


Public Transport Southern Network - successful submission!

Big changes are proposed to East Tamaki routes and frequency. GETBA has made a submission after consulting with local businesses on the impact of the proposed changes, and we can now proudly confirm that three of the changes suggested in our submission have been integrated into the final Southern Network Plan, to be implemented in late 2016. To find out more about these changes and how they might impact you, contact GETBA General Manager Jane Tongatule on 09 273 6274 or



Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI). Auckland Transport have been meeting with commercial property owners along Ti Rakau Drive that will be affected by the planned busway from Pakuranga to Botany. Discussions relate to the likely impact on each property ranging from full purchase/compensation, or partial purchase but with some mitigation around parking/alternative access, or relocation, rebuild etc. The contact person at Auckland Transport with regard to on-going consultation and development of mitigation plans for Ti Rakau Dr commercial properties is Kit McLean. Based on current funding plans, construction of the Pakuranga to Botany section of AMETI is not due to begin until after 2025.

Delayed planned roading developments

  •  Gossamer/Trugood/Cryers/Harris area

Auckland Transport promised to investigate traffic movements and improvements in this area  in early 2015 but this has not eventuated!

  • Widening of Smales and Allens Roads and new intersection

Construction originally set for 2016 - 2017, dependent on funding. Since allocated a lower priority and no funding allocated at this point.

  • Realignment of the Preston/East Tamaki and Ormiston Road intersection

Construction originally set for 2015 - 2016, dependent on funding. Since allocated a lower priority and no funding allocated at this point.

NB: Auckland Transport has regular progress updates on projects as well as weekly notifications of roadworks disruptions.